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Ethnic Studies Conference 2023

Saturday, November 4, 2023


Hoover High School

4474 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

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This conference aims to develop awareness and understanding about ethnic studies within our district, build a supportive community of educators passionate about this field, foster connections across content areas and grade levels, and empower educators to offer engaging ethnic studies teaching and learning experiences. 

Conference Schedule

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Workshop registration will take place in-person upon your arrival at the conference. When you check-in, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for your preferred workshop and receive a sticker as confirmation of your registration. As this operates on a first-come, first-served basis, we strongly recommend that all conference attendees arrive early, preferably by 8:15 am, to ensure your spot in your chosen workshop.

Teaching "Indigenous Peoples History of the United States for YOUNG PEOPLE"

Facilitators: Ricardo Medina & Tere Cesena Bontempo

SDUSD Ethnic Studies & HSS Resource Teachers

This workshop focuses on the text "Indigenous Peoples History of the United States for YOUNG PEOPLE" and targets SDUSD History & Social Science classroom teachers. Workshop attendees will dive into the text, the teacher's guide, and try out some activities. This session is part of the Native American Heritage Month Book Program. (LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE)

Leading for Ethnic Studies as a Socially Conscious Leader

Facilitator: Valentin Escanuela

San Diego County Office of Education

Participants will develop a deeper understanding of what it means to lead as a socially conscious leader. Through examining (1) the core values and principles of ethnic studies and (2) the socially conscious leader profile, we will identify areas of strength and growth in our own leadership practice to support local community-responsive ethnic studies implementation initiatives.

Ethnic Studies as Family

​FACILITATOR: Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen

UC San Diego & UC Santa Cruz, SDUSD ESAC Co-Chair


We are family. In this workshop, educators will engage in a conversation about the myths and misunderstandings about ethnic studies and learn how ethnic studies is about love and care of one another as family. Participants will learn how to address common questions about ethnic studies and how ethnic studies advisory committees can root and support authentic ethnic studies in the classroom.

Aliens, Orphans, and Chismosas: Movement, Time, and Space in Ethnic Studies

Facilitator: Joseph Allen (JoJo) Ruanto-Ramirez

Ethnic Studies - Asian American Studies, Southwestern College

How do we imagine a non-linear and non-structured way of talking and thinking about Ethnic Studies? How do memories and imagined memories contribute to the untelling, telling, and retelling of Ethnic Studies? How do we decolonize "normative" ways of sharing stories and news? This workshop will explore YOU! Where are you? What are you saying?
What are you sharing? How are you creating complexities?

The Association of Raza Educators and The Struggle for Community Responsive Ethnic Studies

​FACILITATOR: Marysol Duran, Fernanda Zuzul, Erendira Ramirez, dawn miller

Association for Raza Educators


Teachers, in solidarity with students and community, have been the driving force behind the struggle for Ethnic Studies here in California.  Join the teachers and students of the Association of Raza Educators to hear about the ongoing fight to bring Ethnic Studies to ALL of our schools, and how we can organize to hold the system accountable to our demands! Although the state requirement for Ethnic Studies is in place, the work to ensure our communities receive a liberatory and decolonized version of Ethnic Studies remains - one that is true to the vision held by those who struggled to create it!  


For qustions and more information, please contact

Lucy Del Valle | Ethnic Studies Office Administrator |

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